Chiropractic Care of Cincinnati

The Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine center at Summit Woods is proud to partner with Dr. Michael J. Rohlfs of Chiropractic Care. Dr. Rohlfs' partnership with Beacon Orthopaedics allows Summit Woods to serve as a true one-stop for complete orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care.

Dr. Rohlfs, a chiropractic physician for 27 years, has specialized his practice in sports medicine. His experience of 23 years as a chiropractic physician for the Cincinnati Reds, 26 years consultant for Moeller High School, 14 years as chiropractic physician for Xavier University, and 8 years as the consultant for Mount Notre Dame High School has provided him the knowledge and experience to treat high level athletes. With his affiliation with the Beacon Orthopaedics, he has direct access to state-of-the-art care and availability to ancillary care avenues to include the Beacon physicians, Beacon physical therapist, massage therapist, an MRI scheduling. 

As a patient of Dr. Rohlfs, you are entitled to priority scheduling benefits. If you require alternative care, scheduling appointment with Beacon physician, MRI, physical therapist, etc., is made easier and quicker from internal staffing arrangements. Dr. Rohlfs welcomes new patients to his practice.

For more information on Chiropractic Care, please visit their website.