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Sports physicals are offered at Beacon West, East and Summit Woods. Beacon West Physicals are July 15th (6pm-8pm). Beacon East physicals are July 18th (10am-12pm). Summit Woods physicals are July 25th (8am-11am). Exams are provided by Beacon's Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Physicians!

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There are many injuries that can cause problems with the movement and function of a person’s knee. For more info on the Beacon physicians who treat patients with a specific injury, please choose a pain point below.

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Beacon is now proud to offer patients two convenient ways to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.

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Q: What services are offered at each location?


Beacon offers patients a full range of services at their Summit Woods, Beacon EastBeacon West and Northern Kentucky locations. These services include clinic, physical therapy, surgery, and imaging (MRI, X-Ray). The Summit Woods location also houses Beacon Elite Sports Training as well as the Beacon Research and Education Foundation. Our Batesville office provides patients with clinic space to see a Beacon physician. To take a virtual tour of the locations and to learn more about the services offered, please click here!

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