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My experience at Beacon Orthopaedics was great, smooth and fast. I had been slowly noticing the pain in my neck and shoulders had been getting worse week by week. I am and always have been very physically active and was still working out 4 days a week. I noticed that I was also losing my balance, strength and mobility. I've had RA for 19 years so when pain starts, I just try to push through it and keep going. 

The pain had gotten to be too much, so I called Beacon because my active children had the best experience at there compared to other ortho's in the Cincinnati area. The morning of my appointment, I was very excited to get in, get a cortisone shot in my shoulder and get on with my weekend get away plans. They called me back and Brian, Dr. Phelps Medical Assistant began asking me lots of questions about my reason for visiting. I told him I was there for a shot of cortisone in my shoulder. Brian responded with, "Okay, let's get some X-Rays!" I remember thinking, he's young - it must be protocol, because you can't see a torn muscle on an X-Ray.
I was not convinced they were necessary, but I went with it. 

Following the X-Rays, Dr. Phelps came in the room and asked me specific questions about my pain, and I told her I was in a lot of it. Again, I requested the cortisone shot so I could get on with my weekend. She explained that there would be more to my treatment then just a cortisone treatment. The X-Rays were not good, and after examining me, she said I needed to have an MRI. In less than 30 minutes from that point, Dr. Phelps walked me over to have an MRI done and made sure that I was calm- she made me feel comfortable and was very caring.

After my MRI, I saw one of Beacon's Spine Specialist and Surgeons, Dr. Rodway. He explained that my pain required more than just a cortisone shot, that I had a spinal nerve condition that put me at risk for paralysis. We made a plan that day for a treatment plan and future surgery. 
The care I received from Beacon was excellent and has truly made a difference in my life. Thank you!

-Sharon W. 

Comprehensive Care


Hallmark doesn't make a Thank You Card that expresses my appreciation and gratitude for the staff at Beacon Orthopaedics.

On May 23rd, Dr. Rodway performed surgery on my lower back. Although this was a routine surgery, when it’s performed on my body, it becomes a major concern.

From the time I arrived at Beacon West Surgery Center, the professional staff did their best to put me at ease. I was most impressed that the surgery started on time!

Dr. Rodway’s surgical staff was fantastic, from the nurses that prepped me for surgery, to the OR Team that kept me relaxed and informed right up to the moment I was told to take a deep breath. The next thing I remembered was the nurse telling me to take a deep breath. From my memory of the events that morning, the surgical procedure only lasted about 15 seconds – or at least the time between the two deep breaths.

In 2011, Dr. Burger performed rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder and worked on the torn MCL in my left knee. In 2014, Dr. Bartsch began working on the lumbar issue in my back. After physical therapy and medication failed to bring the desired results, surgery was my only option.

In the three years I have dealt with staff at Beacon West and Beacon Summit Woods, from consultation, to treatment, to surgery and physical therapy, each encounter was handled in a personable and professional way. I have learned that this excellent quality of treatment and service at Beacon is the standard. There is Beacon Orthopaedics then there is all the rest…

Thank you, Beacon for preparing the nurses for my arrival. Thank you to all the nurses for your professional demeanor and going above and beyond to put this patient at ease. Thank you, Dr. Rodway and your staff. I can remember very little of what happened in the OR, but It was all good, because I’m feeling great!


Jim B.

Comeback Athlete- Moeller High School QB Charlie Fiessinger

Dr. Timothy Kremchek discusses how Beacon helped Moeller High School QB Charlie Fiessinger recover from his injuries sustained before his junior year.

Shain- BMX Rider

A couple of years ago I sustained a high impact both bone forearm fracture while out riding my BMX bike in Centerville Ohio. It was the first day of my vacation, and I was excited to go out and ride some rather large dirt jumps back in the woods. This particular set of jumps are lined up in a row varying in size and distance. Since it was earlier in the morning, the jumps were a little soft. This made it difficult to get through all of them. I got through about 4 of them, hit a soft spot in the 5th jump, which kicked me into a 90 degree position 20 feet in the air. Time seemed to slow down as I braced for impact. I went to sit up, and realized my forearm was broken in half with both bones sticking out. My hand was rotated completely backwards. The impact was so hard and fast, I didn’t even know I had broken it. I actually pulled both bones out of the ground leaving two holes in the dirt. I ended up using my shirt as a tourniquet and a magazine for a splint. Once stabilized, my friends rushed me to Good Samaritan Hospital.

On the drive to the hospital, I called Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. The physician on call was Dr. Peter Cha. I spoke to Dr. Cha before I went into surgery. He was very concerned regarding the nature of the fracture. He then explained his plan to fix the fracture, and that I would be in the hospital for a couple of days due to the fact that the bones had come through the skin. He answered all of my questions before I went in, and my family felt confident in his decision. I then spent an all inclusive four day and four night vacation in the hospital. I ended up having two surgeries. One to fix the three fractures, and one to close the wound after being hooked up to a wound vac which prevents infection. Dr. Cha explained that there was so much swelling, it would be difficult to close the two very large wounds. He spent an extra amount of time extracting all of the dirt that was impacted deeply within both forearm bones. He stated that it took him over an hour to dig out the dirt with a dental pick. Dr. Cha communicated to my wife often as the surgery took a little longer than expected. My wife was very thankful, as she was more upset about my arm than I.

After my stay at the hospital, I was instructed to follow up with Dr. Cha in a few days. Dr. Cha called me that night to make sure I was okay, and that my pain was tolerable. This was very comforting for me and my wife. I continued my follow up visits as scheduled, and have had great success. I was able to get back full range of motion in my wrist and forearm, and only have pain when it gets cold. At three months post surgery, I was given the okay to ride. I have been riding competitively since. I am extremely appreciative for the work that Dr. Cha performed on my arm. His attention to detail, and dedication to his patients truly show me that patients come first at Beacon Orthopaedics. In the end, Dr. Cha got me back to what I love, live and breath everyday.

Thank you Dr. Cha!


Comeback Athlete - Tennis Player with Back Pain 

Comeback Athlete - Soccer Concussions

Comeback Athlete - Swimmer

A Special Thanks to Dr. Kremchek